Our well-seasoned resources specialize in:

Wired and Wireless Networking

We can help you with your existing installation by troubleshooting issues, recommending improvements, and creating detailed network diagrams. We have the real-world experience to help you design, implement, and support new installations. We can provide on-going support and configuration services through pre-paid hour blocks.

Windows Servers, E-Mail, and Workstations

Much like the network space, we have the professionals who live and breathe Windows Servers, E-Mail messaging, and workstations. If you have a routine task, we’ve probably automated or found a faster way to do it. We understand Active Directory and can assist with upgrades, changes, or new installs. We can provide on-going support and configuration services through pre-paid hour blocks.

Structure Cabling and Cabinets/Racks

We can address any current wiring issues and support Moves/Add/Changes (MACs). We can help you design and install a new cabling plant, properly terminated, and install/configure new racks and/or cabinets.

Perimeter and Infrastructure Security

Chances are, if a large (unnamed) telephone provider installed your routers, hackers can TELNET to the router and after figuring out the generally weak password, own your network. We specialize in locking down your configurations and solidifying the perimeter.

Remote Access and VPN

We can assist with remote access design and configuration. We can simplify VPN connectivity for your staff.

IP and Analog Video Surveillance and Access Control

Operational risk management has become a huge need for schools and companies. Our world changed dramatically after Columbine, 9/11, and the Amish school shooting. The old open-door policy is dangerously outdated. Let us help you evaluate your risk and assist with your legacy video solution, new video implementation, and access control needs.